So, what’s this about?

I had a blog. I was a blogger. I blogged. I enjoyed blogging. And, I’d like to think, the blogosphere enjoyed me. After 300+ blog posts, though, life got in the way. In September 2014, a neighbor left a candle burning. The ensuing fire destroyed four condo units, including mine. No human or animal was injured. Insurance (plus 9 months) covered reconstruction and replacement of the stuff. In September 2015, a doctor told me I had cancer. Chemo and radiation slayed the dragon; that same doctor recently told me I am disease-free with an ever-decreasing chance of recurrence.

What I am is… fortunate. I held my breath as September 2016 came and went without incident. Disaster held off until the November election.

But I didn’t want my blog to become a fire journal or a cancer journal, so for the past two years I haven’t done much writing. And I’m not about to start up again now. I’d have to change the blog’s name to #fucktrump. Instead, I have retreated from the news of the world. It’s a time-honored and effective coping strategy called denial.

No tv news (except KTLA for the local stuff). No political programs. No online news or commentary. I may see the occasional headline, but I am not even tempted to click. It’s Netflix and chill, baby. I gave up Twitter cold turkey. I only visit Facebook once a month to see whose birthdays I’ve missed. I unsubscribed from the ridiculous number of sites and pages and groups I was plugged into. Did the same thing with email. Goodbye, cruel world!

I have kept up with my other creative outlet, photography. I should qualify that: smartphone photography. It’s fun. I’m a happy amateur. And Instagram – alone among all the social media – is img_20170118_124405resolutely without controversy or confrontation. It’s just a happy place filled with pretty pictures and nice people giving each other compliments. There is the occasional political image posted. I will certainly be guilty of that on Inauguration Day with my street art image: FUCK TRUMP. But it is easily avoided and people tend to treat it as expressive instead of argumentative. Imagine that.

My old blog, The End, is still out there, floating around in the cloud. I’ll put a link up in the menu for anyone who might be curious. For the next year (or four) I’ll be scarce everywhere except Instagram (@stvrsnbrgr). I’m not sure how often I’ll toss an image or two into this space. But I do know that a photo blog should properly be called a phlog.

Let the phlogging begin!